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Acrylic on canvas. Unframed. Size: 60cm x 60cm


I’ve recently been developing a more intuitive response to looking through the landscape, either viewed through a window, which naturally creates reflections and light refraction, or focussing on the negative spaces and how trees being so linear, break up this space. The result is a much looser representation of a traditional landscape.

Abstract Landscape Painting - Louise Hepworth-Wood

  • Louise Hepworth-Wood

    Since leaving teaching, I have worked as a freelance artist for over two years now.

    Much of my large oil paintings are inspired by landscape, specifically trees: their very presence, the way they are sited within a landscape and the fact that they are around for generations, sometimes hundreds of years, attracts and inspires me.

    I have also have been developing my bespoke hanging card designs, and my absolute love of all things “Christmassy” means that I am never short for inspiration, from various childhood films through to favourite traditional carols.

    T: 07967 307422



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