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Acrylic paint, ink, household paint & oil pastel on box canvas, tray framed. Size: 91cm x 61cm 


Layer upon layer of delicious colour applied with brushes, knives, fingers, scraped, drawn, poured and covered up! From individual cover ups during early childhood to influential governments’ propaganda the hidden, the massaging of the TRUTH, which is only ever from the perspective of the tale teller, has always intrigued me. In COVER UP the colours are sweet, the solid shapes hide what i don’t wish the onlooker to see and hopefully makes you think about what is concealed and where the truth lies. Love those two words together! Where does the TRUTH LIE?!

Cover Up - Kerry Stoker

  • Kerry Stoker 

    Painting makes me happy: it feeds my soul. My work contains the essence of me. I am compelled to create – the joy it brings me is utterly fulfilling. The freedom and fun of pouring colour onto canvas and watching how the colours mix and merge sometimes controlling the flow, and out of which beautiful shapes and subtle veils of colour appear is very exciting. From these random marks I develop the image by scrubbing away or adding textural or flat solid colour, re-working other areas until it emerges, complete.

    My thought processes during a paintings creation imbue meaning into each, which, for me, is a critical element for success.


    Commissions are a welcome challenge. Kerry studied Fine Art (BA Hons) at Reading University, a pupil of Sir Terry Frost, and now paints full time. 2018 Exhibitions include Ilkley Manor House – SEVEN ARTISTS ONE PEBBLE SEVEN JOURNEYS, La Galleria Pall Mall London – SUMMER SHOW, Tate Exchange Liverpool – PRODUCTION PROCESS COLLABORATION. Previous exhibitions – Bradford Big Screen 2017/18/19. Kunsthuis Gallery SUMMER EXHIBITION 2017; Ilkley Art Trail 2011-2017; Art for Youth, London; The Society of Women Artists, London. Shortlisted – Royal Society of Oil Painters – Mall Galleries London

    T: 07904 656850



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