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Oil and soft pastel on collaged paper. Size: 21 cm x 30 cm 


The drawing begins in the Life Room, celebrating the fleetingness and fragile nature of the human form and my response to the shared experience. The pieces develop in my memory and imagination, embracing my meanderings; they slowly emerge and drift towards abstraction and completion.

Curve - John Gamble

  • John Gamble 

    My drawings are intuitive, responding to soundscape, memory and my environment at the moment of drawing. Each mark is made in response to the previous one, building up layers of meaning through graphite and then erasure. The results are often figurative, resulting from my work in the life room and my interest in early figurative painting. Sound allows me to remove myself from the process and intuitively concentrate on each line, and my response to it.

    I live and work in Ilkley, running and teaching on the courses offered by Art School Ilkley. I completed my MA in Creative Practice in 2016.



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