Size: 15cm x 15cm 


Mixed media acrylic painting, glaze and tumble dryer fluff 10 x 10 cm canvas board in painted and waxed wooden frame.


A cold and wintery moor where the snowflakes settled and the land was still.

Freezing Moor - Rebecca Carr

  • Rebecca Carr

    Rebecca Carr is an artist and illustrator. 

    I'm a fine artist, tutor and illustrator, mainly working from my studio. I have taken part in events and exhibitions and have sold my work nationally and internationally. I have taught at various times over the years and take great pleasure in making commission pieces.


    My art practice is continually developing. I enjoy making the most of available time and resources by putting this into my ideas. I have a multi-faceted approach, using canvas, film, illustration, mixed media and sculpture, making work mainly in the studio and sometimes in the landscape.  Each art piece is adaptive, tending to lead on from the next, like one step in front of the other. Sometimes I make a piece that is journalistic or whimsical, there is usually a grounding element, a light hearted undertone with sometimes a more thoughtful message to the story or an open question; the work usually is what it is.  Recent paintings are mainly exploring the materials, moving on from the figurative yet still in relation to a new discovery or idea. 


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