White Frame, Oil on Board. An Ilkley scene. Size: 54cm x 74cm 


I regularly walk past this building when it’s busy selling ice cream and the smell of coffee and then fish and chips is in the air. Passing through the park or on the opposite side of the river whilst walking my dog there is much to take inspiration from, particularly the three things that interest me: people, places and moments in time.

You will, I hope, be able to view my short film about the processes I went through to make this picture which at a first glance look simple. The film is also available on my Facebook page: CarolineSmithSketcher .

My pictures are local, but I enjoy painting what I see. When first made they are a present day scene, but over time as Ilkley is ever changing, my pictures will I hope hold increasing interest.

Instagram and Facebook: CarolineSmithSketcher

Ilkley Riverside Hotel - Caroline Smith

  • Caroline Smith

    For me sketching is an all absorbing activity using pen and ink or charcoal pencil. I like not being able to rub things out, which leads to more eye catching pictures showing my personal interpretation to an event.

    Sketching is often done with my dog, Red, whose need for a daily walk takes me to interesting places whatever the weather. To capture these moments I am rarely without a sketch book and pens. For longer sessions and weather permitting I create en plein air watercolour, gouache and oil paintings.

    At home I enjoy working in oil creating compositions of local scenes in a naive style.

    I started to get more into art whilst living in London where I attended many art courses and my work became a larger and more colourful. I felt encouraged with my love of capturing people, places and moments in time which is now continuing in Ilkley.

    E: caroline@casacazaz.net

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