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Unframed Reproduction Print. Size: 55cm w x 55cm h

Bespoke sizes also available.


Reproduction fine art print from an original painted in soft pastel.


Meanings of the word ‘swale’ vary: a shady spot? A sunken or marshy space? A channel with gentle sloping sides? I guess all of these could be applied to Swaledale, but none of them seem to describe it to me. Its dramatic winding shapes dance and sway; it has a fabulous choreography all of its own. The light changes and ripples, contours are lit up: first a stanza of trees, then a gentle lower slope, and then a crescendo as the gorgeous vivid greens of the flatter fields in the valley bottom are allowed to sing out. I’ve painted Swaledale before from various angles, but I knew there was another composition: this one. Applause for its glorious dance! Enjoy.

Swaying Again - Lucia Smith

  • Lucia Smith

    I strive to capture our beautiful Yorkshire Dales in compositions full of movement, light and weather; offering a 2 dimensional version of ‘being there’.

    Really knowing the place I paint feels important; only then am I able to distill its essence: using familiar contours in striking compositions where rhythm, pattern and light echo between the land and the sky.

    Soft pastel is my main medium; although I often use other media for underpainting, strengthening the composition from beneath. Soft pastels offer vibrancy and immediacy, as well as fluidity, allowing work to develop as colours are layered and sculpted.

    I have currently embarked upon a ‘QUEST’ – to walk in, experience, and then paint all of the named Dales in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. There are 52, or maybe 49, or maybe 54…depending on whose list you read! But the journey is what it is all about: savouring these beautiful places, observing different contours, different weather, different light; teasing out the feeling of being on these moors and in these valleys. Carefully choosing palettes to express mood and delight, offering paintings where the weather might suddenly change, the breeze might lift your hair, paintings to watch.


    T: 07833 257540



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