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Oil on canvas. Professionally framed in white wood by English Framing Co, Dewsbury. Size: 85cm x 120cm


As tulips enjoy both historical and contemporary admiration, so too does this painting span time zones : presently I am investigating expressive abstraction while at the same time evoking memories of the close realistic observation of school days.

It can be viewed at my upcoming exhibition JACKIE WARING PAINTINGS at Ilkley Arts Studio, Manor House Yard, Ilkley Oct 30, 31, Nov 1 2020.

Tulip Mania - Jackie Waring

  • Jackie Waring

    Jackie Waring is a local artist.  Her paintings are generally in oil paint on canvas or board. 

    They witness her exploration of what can be done with paint, from truthful representation or semi abstract communication. 

    The viewer is an essential and valuable element in her creative process. You are invited to complete the picture in your own way. You may be puzzled. You may share her admiration of nature.You might engage in a story.....


    A collection of Jackie's paintings can be viewed "in person" at the Manor House Studio, Castle Yard, Ilkley   October 30,31 Nov 1 . 




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    If you change your mind about your purchase after organising delivery, you are fully entitled to a free refund. 

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