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Size: 12 inches high x 8 inches wide on a wooden frame stretched canvas, so it is ready to hang


Underwater Starry Sky Pouring paint acrylic abstract artwork on a wooden frame stretched canvas


This is a new style I've been playing with recently and I find the pouring paint process incredibly insightful as it really emulates life's changing nature, and unpredictability. You start out with a blank slate and guide the paint (I used a base pouring colour first, after which I allowed it to dry a bit before adding diagonal paint on a beaded strand and pulling it across whilst blowing some of the paint to give the fluidic texture) but in the end it takes a life of its own. I wanted to create artwork that "moves" and I played with the inspiration of viewing light, sky and clouds from underwater. The intention though is to mean anything that sparks inspiration, joy and calm for the viewer of course. It can be displayed upright or landscape in any room like an office, living room or lounge, bedroom or entry way. Enjoy!


Underwater Starry Sky - Felicia Nattress

  • Felicia Nattress

    Since I could hold a pencil, I’ve been sketching and I've enjoyed the process of creating art as it allows me to observe the world through a different perspective, giving me new insight every time I work. I've started experimenting with acrylics years ago and continue to develop my skills and techniques.

    I find inspiration everywhere I look, particularly water, landscapes and through my yoga practice; this inevitably has been filtering down into my work. The artwork I've been creating at the moment with acrylic paint is on either stretched canvases or canvas boards of various sizes. Reach out for additional info regarding my process.




    T: 07985 294 054

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