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Joy Godfrey

My website provides comprehensive coverage of my work in various media including oils, etching, screenprinting and bronze casting.

Exhibited in Manchester, York, Leeds and Bradford City art galleries. I have always made my own paints from the original pigments – I can thus create very pure colours at a fraction of the cost and, having made my own oils for many years, I am now turning my attention to making watercolour paints.

Click here to see more of Joy’s work


Ilkley Arts mission is to promote and celebrate the arts in Ilkley and surrounding areas to enrich the lives of residents and visitors and to support and help the development of our exhibiting artists.

Ilkley Arts works with a wide range of organisations to achieve this mission from those whose focus is on developing young artists such as Art School Ilkley and Nell Bank Outdoor Education Centre as well as partnerships with Ilkley Manor House, Outside the Box, Ilkley Literature Festival and the Ilkley Playhouse.

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