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Sunset - Joyce Simpson.jpg

Joyce Simpson

I am a published digital artist and photographer. I use the medium of photography to present my artistic vision, creating unique digital art. I introduce multiple layers to my composites to create depth and texture.

I am fascinated by colours, how they complement each other, how they interact with each other, how they affect our moods.

I enjoy being immersed in the creative process and my desire is to create artwork with impact, something that stirs the imagination and gives cause to question. Something that gives visual and emotional pleasure not only to me but also to others.

My artwork is far from photo-realistic, it falls between abstract, surreal, whimsical, fantasy and grunge. It can contain an element of humour and always elements of experimentation. My inspiration comes from a constant inquisitive awareness for what is going on around me and how that can translate into my artwork.


P: 07914 005201



Ilkley Arts mission is to promote and celebrate the arts in Ilkley and surrounding areas to enrich the lives of residents and visitors and to support and help the development of our exhibiting artists.

Ilkley Arts works with a wide range of organisations to achieve this mission from those whose focus is on developing young artists such as Art School Ilkley and Nell Bank Outdoor Education Centre as well as partnerships with Ilkley Manor House, Outside the Box, Ilkley Literature Festival and the Ilkley Playhouse.

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