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Mounted original hand-gilded acrylic painting on paper. Size: 50cm h x 40cm w


This piece was inspired by the old phrase “gilding the lily” and thinking about how different cultures embellish the beauty of nature.

Gilded Lily - Debi Roberson

  • Debi Roberson

    I’m fascinated by the way people shape their environment. As a relative newcomer to Yorkshire from the flat landscape of East Anglia I love the mix of industrial and natural landscape that you can see from the top of every hill. Even when you’re out in the Dales there are dry stone walls everywhere to remind you of the ways we arrange ourselves and our surroundings and the choices we make in what we attend to and what we ignore.

    Having worked in traditional communities in the southern Pacific region and South-West Africa I’m conscious that there’s more than one way of observing the world. I try to remember that my own perspective is culturally determined and imagine the scene from the perspective of someone with a different world view.



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