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Size: max width 22cm x 19cm height


A bag with tie-handles made from recycled quality fabrics and decorated with my grandma's pearly buttons.

Grandma's Button Bag - Linda Dewart

  • Linda Dewart

    Recently I have been drawn to a theme of “Pathways”, starting simply from the enjoyment of walking my dog locally. This led into an interest in the development of ancient tracks and how we, both historically and contemporaneously have changed our surroundings to suit our purposes. This then progressed into thinking about how everyone today is linked together somehow, maybe not by a physical path, but by other forms of communication. Our cultural and geographical locations vary wildly and because of that, connections surely remain vital. The dreaded Brexit has further underlined to me the importance of honest communication and the dangers of deviating paths, rambles that lead nowhere, or, worse, paths completely lost under a mountain of mouldy self interests!

    I am using paint, papers, fabrics and stitch to build up surface layers exploring these ideas.

    I have a first in Textile Design and am a long-standing member of Textilia3. Last year I was part of the Seven artists, One pebble, Seven journeys exhibition at Ilkley Manor House. I have taken part in all of the Ilkley Art Trails but I am sorry I cannot host this year.

    T: 07921 804013



  • The Artist will be in contact with you within 48 hours of purchasing this product to give estimated delivery date.

    For more information or if you have any questions please email  

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