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This mobile is made in sycamore and was for an exhibition called 'An Embrace of Trees'. Size: 59cm h x 23cm w



This mobile is one of a series and the title comes from a poem called An Embrace of Trees made for an exhibition in North Yorkshire. The series was inspired by two trees, an ash and a sycamore, which had grown and entwined together. (excerpt): 'Overnight, it seemed, the openings disappeared As green, like dye, spread with stealth from tree to tree. The shapes through which the world had seemed so clear Were gone with only muffled leaves to see.'

Openings - Juliet Gutch

  • Juliet Gutch

    I make mobiles, often in partnership with my husband who works in education. The central theme of our work is balance. The world is held in a state of equilibrium which has led to perfect conditions for life. It is only now that the natural world is at risk that society is coming to appreciate how fragile that balance is and how hard it is to recover it once lost.


    Each part of a mobile is integral to the balance of the whole and this underpins our ideas of community, equality and creativity. Mobiles are also unpredictable which makes them engaging as well as calming and they also have the potential to perform a therapeutic function.




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